Sometimes it’s hard to be aware of what you are truly capable of. I think that this problem extends to everyone, especially those who classify themselves as creatives. As an audio-focussed Next Generation Radio student, I was given the opportunity to prove myself to myself and others in a setting that isn’t usually available just out of college. Next Generation Radio provided the confidence to approach new areas that I hadn’t interacted with in the realm of audio production.

My mentors, Patrice and Selena, were very helpful and gave me a well-rounded experience, from out in the field, to working with an audio production software that I was not very familiar with, they made it very intuitive.

One of my beliefs is that in order to become a great artist, you just have to keep making. Next Generation Radio helped me follow through on that belief, while providing a whole cast of alumni that will continue to foster that belief well into the future. For that, I am immensely grateful.

Thing I learned: I learned many technical skills, especially applicable to mastering.

Thing I wish I did: I wish I took more notes!

Thing I’ll do starting Monday: One thing I will do starting Monday is just take action on the ideas I have.