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Anya Quesnel

Anya Quesnel

anya b quesnel is an art-maker hailing from the island of Iere, what is today called Trinidad and Tobago. anya uses poetry and dance to imagine decolonized and more liberated futures, ones which center joy and care. They have done work in education, media, theatre and groundskeeping and are the performance director of the spoken word poetry troupe SpeakEasy.  anya’s trademark dish to cook is sada roti and pumpkin choka. They enjoy curating playlists for their friends.

Abstract ideas brought to life

I very nearly did not complete my application to Next Generation Radio. I remember closing my laptop an hour or so before the submission deadline and thinking to myself nah, I’m not really the right candidate for this. I don’t have my own podcast or follow certain...


Benedict Wright

Benedict Wright is a recent graduate from Colorado College where he studied history and philosophy and edited the student journal of philosophy. He is currently a grant writer and communications specialist for a college-access nonprofit. Only now dipping his toes into audio journalism, Benedict is interested in sharing stories that show how the past shapes our world and our perception of it. He proudly owns no car and rides his bike everywhere.

Radio is more than magic

As someone who feels like they’re arriving a bit late to the world of audio journalism, I cannot express enough my gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside so many amazing journalists as part of NPR’s Next Generation Radio.  For a long time I’ve admired from...

Christen Aldridge

Christen is a media maven. She has worked as a freelance videographer and social media manager for several businesses around Denver and is currently a writer for a local Black-owned newspaper. She has over 10 years of experience in videography and editing, and recently served as an editor for the award-winning podcast series In The Gap, which shone a light on the wage inequality Black women face in the workplace. Christen also teaches creative writing to youth all over the country through the Denver-based nonprofit, Lighthouse Writers Workshop. She is a natural storyteller and uses this passion to educate, enlighten and empower her audiences. She loves to spend time with her husband, kids and her close family and friends.

Trust your gut and roll with the punches

This has been incredible! NPR’s Next Generation Radio taught me how to think on my feet, roll with the punches and how to trust your gut. My interview subject fell through at the last second on Monday. So many emotions swam through my head. What was I going to do for...

Grayton Newman

Gray Newman is an audio creator based in Denver, Colo., who was born in New Orleans. He holds a degree in Emergent Digital Practices, with a minor in Marketing from the University of Denver. He previously attended the arts conservatory high school New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. There, he studied Media Arts, a discipline consisting of filmmaking and audio production. He discovered at an early age that computers were around for more than just doing taxes, and began using them to create art growing up, culminating in his fascination with audio production.

Just keep making

Sometimes it’s hard to be aware of what you are truly capable of. I think that this problem extends to everyone, especially those who classify themselves as creatives. As an audio-focussed Next Generation Radio student, I was given the opportunity to prove myself to...

Ivy Winfrey

Ivy Winfrey attends Colorado State University where she works for KCSU, Colorado State University’s radio station. Her goal is to use journalism for social justice and tell the stories of communities whose voices are rarely heard. She is passionate about transgender rights and issues, movies and filmmaking, and climate activism. In her spare time, Ivy likes to speedrun video games.

Throwing imposter syndrome out the door

The first thought I had when starting work on this program was: “Wow, This is what it’s like to work in a professional newsroom.” For so long, I’ve had a bit of imposter syndrome when it came to my journalistic work. Since I’ve had to work in non-professional school...

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The Next Generation Radio Project is a week-long digital journalism training project designed to give competitively selected participants, who are interested in radio and journalism, the skills and opportunity to report and produce their own multimedia story. Those chosen for the project are paired with a professional journalist who serves as their mentor.

This edition of the #NPRNextGenRadio project was produced in collaboration with:

  • Managing Editor – Traci Tong, editor, Public Media Journalists Association, Boston
  • Digital Editors – Amara Aguilar, University of Southern California, Megan Verlee, public affairs editor at Colorado Public Radio
  • Audio Tech – Selena Seay-Reynolds, freelance audio engineer, Los Angeles; Patrice Mondragon, producer, Colorado Public Radio
  • Editorial Illustrators – Yunyi Dai, graduate student, School of Visual Arts, New York City; Emily Whang, freelance illustrator, Los Angeles; Eejoon Choi, freelance illustrator, Los Angeles
  • Visuals – Kevin Beaty, multimedia guy for Denverite.com, Colorado Public Radio
  • Web Developer – Robert Boos, Metropolitan State, Minneapolis

Our journalist/mentors for this project were:

  • Gabriela Saldivia, independent journalist, Seville, Spain
  • Hayley Sanchez, host/editor at Colorado Public radio

  • Isabeth Mendoza, engagement producer at KQED, Los Angeles, Calif.

  • Imana Gunawan, editor at Factal, Seattle

    NPR’s Next Generation Radio program is directed by its founder, Doug Mitchell.