This has been incredible! NPR’s Next Generation Radio taught me how to think on my feet, roll with the punches and how to trust your gut. My interview subject fell through at the last second on Monday. So many emotions swam through my head. What was I going to do for my story? Who was going to be my replacement on such short notice? As doubt of myself started to settle in my mind, I quickly put those negative thoughts out of my mind. I contacted a few people I thought would be good for my story. Two fell through, but the third one was available and ready to go.

I kissed my children and husband goodbye and safely rushed to my new interview subject. Sylvia Lambe is someone I have known for sometime now. She is a public relations strategist, living in Denver, Colorado. She is originally from London, England and was born to African-Caribbean parents. Talking to Sylvia about what it meant to be American was an enlightening conversation. She shared aspects of being American that were unknown to me as a natural-born American. We were all very intrigued listening to her story.

As a videographer, I have used Adobe Audition before this cohort. But this week has allowed me to really dive in the parts of Audition that I wasn’t very familiar with. With the help from Gray and Selena, my eyes were opened to a new world of Audition that I cannot unsee now. My mentor Hayley was very helpful and encouraging. She kept me on track with my work and gave me great tips to improve my work. 

This is an unforgettable experience. Working as a reporter for five days felt natural for me. I really enjoyed all aspects of reporting during this training. I was able to implement my journalist instinct and come up with great questions for my subject. My storytelling mind kicked in as I created my audio script for my piece. I loved how I was able to tie in my love for social media with creating audiograms, something I was unfamiliar with until this training. After this week, I have opened my eyes to a career of reporting and editing. Working in public radio is something I want to pursue and this cohort has given me the tools to be a successful journalist.